Exclusive: BenniB Q&A interview + "Uncharted" (Video)

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Recently we had the opportunity to interview BenniB about his latest music video, "Uncharted" and what the future holds for the up-and-coming Seattle artist. Listen and download "Uncharted". Click more to read our Q&A interview with BenniB and learn about vision of "Uncharted" from the director. Plus watch the official music video to "Uncharted." 1. What is the video and song, "Uncharted" about?
Uncharted is about determination and desperation. It expresses my feelings about music and how it's put a whole new meaning to my life. Overall, pursuing a career in music has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, and this song shows how bad I want success and I will do whatever, and go wherever, to achieve it.
2. What is the next release we can expect from BenniB?
As far as singles or new material? Not for a little bit. My main focus right now is getting as many videos as possible for Journal Of A Journey, and keep pushing that tape for a while, since I'm still relatively unknown.
3. "I Won't Crash" was featured on our latest edition of Best You Never Heard and has since been featured on DJ Booth and other reputable music blogs, when can we expect the music video to be released? Are you getting any radio love with the song?
The "I Won't Crash" video has been shot already and is in its editing stages, look out for it in a month or so, date tba. I'm very proud of that song. It has gotten a little radio play from my hometown hit radio station Kube 93 FM. (#1 in Seattle). That song means so much to me, and the fact it's getting a lot of attention and listens was a huge surprise to me. I really thought it was going to be a song I made for myself that nobody would really feel or appreciate but me.
4. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?
Timeless, and unique. I feel so blessed, because many people who dislike rap and hip-hop have told me they enjoy my music. I wanted to make a track list that was friendly to all crowds, because that's the kind of guy I am. I never stayed in a group. I'm a social butterfly.
5. Anything else we haven't asked that you would like to address?
I just want to THANK YOU, Before The Bigs! I appreciate your support, and I'll always be down with you guys! Lastly I have a show coming up in Chicago, IL at Reggies Rock Club Feb. 10th, opening up for Logic,and Moosh & Twist.
Music video to "Uncharted" and the vision behind the video below. Jon Holman (BenniB Manager and Music Video Director) input on "Uncharted" Music Video: "I tried to capture the beauty of the Northwest with the video since BenniB was just about the move to Chicago. The ferry system is a very prominent function of day-to-day Seattle life. In the video, the ferry symbolizes the city and BenniB's life to that point. With music begining to take off and his move to Chicago, the ferry ride symbolized his transition to uncharted territory (Notice the Chicago Bulls hat BenniB wears throughout). As the song conveys, BenniB's life and career is gaining more success and excitement by the day. At this point, neither him nor I, knows where it will go, but we intend to follow this path as far as we can. As I tried to emulate in the video, we're just enjoying the journey and grind. Just like the ferry, as long as we keep moving, progressing, and accomplishing our goals, we will be happy and excited for tomorrow's success."

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