Electronica Tuesdays Explains Dubstep

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Hi guys! A lot of people don't really "get" dubstep. It's mostly written off as a genre of electronic music..but that's really not at all what I consider it to be. Dubstep is essentially drum and bass. Its tempo is nearly always in the range of 138-142bpm, and it also nearly always has an extended bass note, often called a wobble. There's also that thing that people call a "drop"...what is that, you ask? Well, it involves a pause (the percussion stops), and then the track resumes with intensity and often with a completely hardcore sub-bass that adds to the original. It really did start in the UK. It's raw, visceral, and intense. Not for the lighthearted. Noisia is a really underrated dubstep artist...I myself didn't really get into his music only because it seemed so far out. The original stuff was very space-y house music. That being said, now that I've really put some time into listening to Noisia, pretty good stuff indeed. Noisia - Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik Remix): Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik Remix) Katy Perry - E.T. (Noisia Remix) E.T. (Noisia Remix) And a bonus (or two)! J. Rabbit - Ninja Step (caution - this is 41 minutes of nastiness): Ninja Step

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