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Hey guys. I'm Sarah, from ChinUp Music over yonder in the blog-o-sphere. I'll be giving you your Electronic Tuesdays hype up. A great way to start the week, in my opinion. And don't worry, I'll always give you a heads up on before the jump. For this first post, I'm going to introduce you to the classic electronic/house artists out there. I'm going to do 3 artists per post so as not to overwhelm anyone (or myself). I'm not going to go through the first. original, influential ones from the 80s - house music has come such a long way that they almost don't fit into house anymore. They were DJs who experimented with a certain style of beats to create a genre that would eventually branch out into Dubstep, Trance, Techno, Electronica, and more. Today, those artists include Deadmau5, Benny Benassi and Paul Oakenfold (King of Trance). First, Deadmau5 released two new songs last night. Two! Deadmau5, or Joel, as we like to call him, pretty much came out of nowhere to produce mega hits and run the electronic scene. There's a lot of respect for him; these two new songs are a little more chill and space-y than the others he has produced until the drop hits and they get all happy. HR 8938 Cephei Bleed   Most people identify Benny Benassi with "Satisfaction" and "I Love My Sex". Two great songs, but now that he's into remixing, there's a whole lot more to love about him. The two songs below do not give the whole picture, but as one is from 2009 and is purely individual production, and the other is more recent and a remix, I feel you can hear how he has transitioned electronically to a more mainstream style. Love is Gonna Save Us Last Ones Standing (Benny Benassi Remix)   Paul Oakenfold is someone who has been more behind the scenes recently than in front on stage. That's okay - he's created enough hits to influence everyone coming up into the genre. Ready Steady Go (featured in the Bourne Identity) Delirium Silence So that's Electronic Tuesday for you. See you next week for the next three influencing artists, and then, bam! We'll hit you with the newest, filthiest house yet. xoxo (:

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