Electronic Tuesday: Silver Medallion *3 new songs+music video!

Short link https://tfn.tw/9cj/
As part of our latest edition of Electronic Tuesday, we present you the three latest songs from up-and-comer Silver Medallion. The first track, "The Young and The Reckless" has a heavy hitting Electro backdrop along with Silver Medallion's high energy vocals to make it perfect for those who live by the motto "live fast, die young". Next is a collaborative effort from Silver Medallion and Feature Cuts. Once you take a listen to the track, the duo compliments each other quite nicely and their style of music together is unlike anything that is being currently released. The last track, I'd rather take a quote from Silver Medallion explaining his song with Dunson:
"Trainwreck is a saga of New York City bars, a story of people too in love with themselves to see past the whiskey glasses. I feel the sounds of the beat replicate the darkness and intensity of that yearning party night, when you're looking in a girls eyes and don't see anything there, when you're walking in the cold spinning drunk, when you wake up wondering why you're life is the way it is." - Silver Medallion
There's a video for "Trainwreck" too. Watch it below.

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