Electro Tuesday ft. Wax Motif, Jacques Lu Cont, Tip-Z, Futurecop! & Masaedo

Short link https://tfn.tw/9q2/
Here's five original electro songs that I need to give you guys if you are looking for songs to rage to. Click more to listen to these BANGERS. This song is off Fool's Gold's Clubhouse Vol. 2. My friend Ariel had sent me this and I got hooked pretty easily. Jacques Lu Cont is an up-and-coming British DJ with talent. Keep an eye on him! This is one of the latest original's from Tip-Z, mostly known for his fun engaging dance mixes. Looking forward to seeing his development of original tracks. Futurecop! categorizes this song as Daydreams and London Grime. I think of it as electro dance synth. Whatever the case, it's a fun catchy song and I hope they get a female vocalist to turn this into a fun 80's song. If you like something with instrumentals, check out the GRVRBBRS remix to Futurecop! I heard of Masaedo when the DJ submitted "UDU2". I liked the track but didn't do anything with it. I was going to blog about it and then noticed he put Paramore's Hayley Williams vocals on it and decided to put that one below.

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