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Although we try our best to avoid it, strife between loved ones cannot be escaped. It's what you do with the strife that makes the difference. It's easy to run when relationships become painful, but often we miss out on experiencing the deepest levels of love when we flee. "Unlike Anyone" is a song about sticking with someone through the hardest times, refusing to let go even when we feel angry, hurt, and frustrated. If you fight to stay, you'll emerge from the darkness with a bond that will carry you through the obstacles ahead. If you make two lists about the person you love; first, all the things you enjoy about them and the second, all the things that drive you crazy -- Love is the second list. Champions of the poetic and surreal, Smokey Robotic's "Unlike Anyone" instead speaks directly from the heart about real life, in real words. The spaceship has landed. Thank you for not losing your faith. Love, Smokey Robotic
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