Download: Shav and Mentos - The Circus Room *debut EP

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Shav and Mentos are an upcoming group from Colgate University. The two musicians, Keshav Garg and Aaron Mentos were roomed together at random, soon to find out that they were both not only vocalists, but also multi-instrumentalists. The Circus Room project started on the first day they met at school when the duo wrote "Carelessly" over an acoustic guitar. Shav and Mentos have taken responsibility for every aspect of the music presented in ‘Circus Room’, including the writing, instrumental performances, lyrics, production, even the mixing of the music. Stream and DOWNLOAD the five-track EP "The Circus Room". It's a MUST-DOWNLOAD chill hip-pop project! To keep up with Shav and Mentos’ music like @ . Follow on Twitter @ShavandMentos. Previous: Shav and Mentos - 1970 x Doubt & Desire

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