Dizzy Wright - Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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The Las Vegas warrior Dizzy Wright simply never stops! Dizzy has been grinding his ass off for years and is finally making a name for himself after signing with Funk Volume in November 2011. Dizzy recently dropped arguably one of the best albums of 2012 "Smoked Out Conversations".  Dizzy has been dropping tracks left and right with features from some of the games heavy hitters like Hopsin, SwizZz and even the white boy from the Burbs Chris Webby. "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work" is just one of the breath taking tracks off of the album. Dizzy is one of my all time favorite artists for a reason. He has qualities that a lot of emcees lacks these days; Flow, Lyrics and and love for his fans. It seems like everybody wants to be a rapper in this day and age. So its good to see artists like Dizzy Wright  show love for the people who backed him in making it as far as he has and most importantly, show love for the fans. "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work" is just another example of why Dizzy Wright is  my favorite artist in the game right now. With no further adieu I give you "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work". http://youtu.be/LaBaOi4LPJA Make sure to "like" Dizzy Wright on Facebook and follow him on Twitter! -HipHopisLove (@HipHopisLove)

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