Review: Dean Risko & Reazon at The Central SAPC

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So about 8 days ago, I briefly attended this hip-hop show at The Central SAPC in Santa Monica, California and caught a couple hip-hop acts that you all should keep an eye on, specifically Dean Risko and Reazon. Read my review on the show below. I get to The Central right when Dean Risko begins his set, rapping while one of his producers, Quince Jone, was playing with some cool beat machine. Last time I saw Dean, it was him rapping with a DJ who just played his tracks but seeing him do his raps with a dude making sick beats made it all the better and really got the crowd pumped for the rest of the acts that night. Here's his best song he's released so far, "Trouble", but look out for some new stuff coming out soon that I had the pleasure listening to him perform live. Next came Reazon who recently won a Red Bull freestyle competition and has quite the rap skills. You wouldn't think he's a rapper upon meeting him but when you see him rock the stage, you see the potential in his music skills. While I don't have any recorded tunes for him to give you, here's a picture of him performing at The Central.

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