Covers from Manicanparty, Minus Ned and Strange Talk

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Three covers from three very different electric sounding music groups that everybody needs to follow. One group I've been a huge fan since 2010, (Strange Talk), another I've been a fan of since early this year (Manicanparty), and another I became a fan of today (Minus Ned). Watch/listen to the three cover songs below in which Manicanparty covers Miike Snow, Minus Ned covers Talking Heads and Strange Talk covers The Police, all groups I absolutely dig covered by three acts I'm loving lately. First comes a cover that came about a week ago from Manicanparty. This really slow down the pace of "Animal", originally from Miike Snow. The piano sounds so relaxing and I'm so happy they released it free download on soundcloud as well as the video. Watch the video below. Next comes a band that are newcomers to the site, Minus Ned. Want to shout out Ben from Ridgewood Social Club for referring us to the band. Minus Ned just dropped a video covering Talking Heads' "Slippery People". I love how this video is shot as it was done in one live take. Sound was recorded into Pro Tools. Video was captured on two HD video cameras and four iPhones running simultaneously. The video has much influence from Talking Heads visual styles and is just real entertaining. Lastly comes the most popular and accomplished music act of the three, Strange Talk. I love Strange Talk and think they will blow up and be touring the globe, performing festivals worldwide. It's just a matter of time until us Americans catch onto their sound, which is reminiscent of MGMT, Passion Pit and Cut Copy. Strange Talk's version of "Roxanne" is more on the electro pop side but almost as infectious as The Police version, a band I love and wish would come back together to perform a worldwide tour. Stream and download "Roxanne" by Strange Talk. If your interested in a few more covers by three acts I love, click here.

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