Contest: Win tickets to oOoOO & Say Uhns @ The Central SAPC 7/13

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Shout out to the marketing director at The Central SAPC for approaching us with tickets to oOoOO, Say Uhns, and Datsyuk tomorrow night. This is The Central's first delve into the dub/electronic world and for this show with the talented roster of up-and-coming electronic acts to watch out for, especially Proximal Records' Say Uhns, who is a Low End Theory regular and close friend of Flying Lotus. Enter the contest below to win free tickets and if your not feeling lucky, then purchase tickets here. Win by tweeting this: That's all it takes to win two tickets to tomorrow night's show. Need some convincing? Here's some music from the acts performing tomorrow at The Central SAPC Friday night. oOoOO (Chris Dexter) is a producer from Newark, New Jersey living in San Francisco. His tunes blend elements of mainstream pop, italo disco, southern rap, the Eastern European mystical traditions, and often feature female vocalists. Dexter’s earliest years were spent listening to music and looking out the window of his Russian grandmother’s Brooklyn tarot and palm reading parlor. Though he did not learn to read or write in English until he was 10, Dexter was reading sheet music and playing the piano from about age 6. The Wire’s David Keenan has said oOoOO’s sound feels like an amalgam of Steven Stapleton and DJ Screw, “albeit with a taste for Top 40 effluvia.” He released his first EP on Tri Angle Records in October 2010. In addition to his original tunes, oOoOO has produced numerous remixes, including official tracks for The Big Pink, HIM, Salem, and Marina and the Diamonds, as well as unofficial versions of Lady Gaga and Nadia Oh tunes. Stream these 9 tracks below to get an idea of oOoOO's music. Sahy Uhns aka Carl Madison Burgin has been producing hip-hop and electronic music since his early teenage years, creating music using any strange sound he could find. The LA native draws inspiration from West Coast hip-hop culture and channels his musical energy into generating new and unique sounds – recording everywhere he travels. Sahy Uhns’ use of custom designed software, hardware, modified instruments and found sounds, contributes to his unique approach to composition and production. A compulsive music-maker, Sahy Uhns’ dedication and attention to detail are evident in the production of his studio tracks. His live performances brim with focused energy as he constantly engages the audience with live electronic drumming, scratching, and improvised audio manipulation through his custom-built computer interfaces. Sahy Uhns, with his demand for constant growth, continues to meld his study of synthesis with the influences of his audio/visual surroundings to create music that grows as he does. Datsyuk, a recent addition to the lineup, produced slow chill hip-hop that is quite intriguing. Listen and download his latest album below.

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