The Pass – “Vultures”

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Louisville electro pop band The Pass put out an official music video for "Vultures" with music bloggers and fans of music blogs in mind as they have a contest involving the above music video.  

We Listen For You has created a contest in which the person to name the most music blogs in the music video, which are represented through image representations of their blog title. So for Pigeons and Planes you would probably see pigeons and planes flying in the air in the music video. I don't know that's an example I came up with.

The contestant who names the most blogs represented in the video (there are 30), receives a $50 gift certificate and free copy of The Pass' debut album, BURST, coming out September 21. Most blogs posted this September 1st so I'm sorry for not posting this sooner. I'm more interested in this awesome song than the contest so hit us up if you need help. 

If you like The Pass, check out their youtube for a couple more awesome music videos, and don't forget to check their facebook too! Below you can download "Vultures".  The Pass - Vultures by

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