Concert Review: Glitch Mob at Red Rocks (with Lotus, MiMOSA, and the New Deal)

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Photo Credit: Ryan Dearth

Last Saturday's Glitch Mob show was my first concert at the famed Red Rocks. Since I moved to Colorado last year, people have been pretty much unanimously telling me "go to Red Rocks!" or asking "you haven't been to Red Rocks yet?! You have to go!" I had never been to a venue that I thought was really THAT amazing, but Red Rocks definitely is that. Maybe it's the venue, with it's enormous rock formations, maybe it's the energy of 9,000+ jammers in the crowd, or maybe it's something else entirely, but each band I saw on Saturday absolutely killed it. The lineup was Com Truise, the New Deal, MiMOSA, Lotus, and the Glitch Mob. On paper, this would be an epic night of electronic jams. Little did I know what would actually go down... The show was scheduled to begin at 6:30, but pacing myself for a night that would go on until 1 am, I opted to show up a little later. Sadly, I missed Com Truise who I have been hearing is a serious up-and-coming force, and only caught the last few minutes of the New Deal. Typically, the New Deal would play later in a lineup like this, but they had to get back to Boulder for their late night, last show in Colorado at the Fox Theatre (check out a review). Even for the few minutes I saw, the New Deal was jamming on their original brand of super tight, high speed dance music. These guys can jam, but they never just chill and noodle. They are always progressing jams into a seemingly ubiquitis dance party that never gets boring. To get a taste of the New Deal live, check out this 2 song sampler: [soundcloud url="" height="200"]  

Photo Credit: Ryan Dearth

Next up was hip-hop dubstep DJ MiMOSA. He brought the tempo down and the bass up for the bass-heads in the audience. Dubstep is huge in Colorado, but MiMOSA has a real unique take on the genre by making very hip-hop friendly beats instead of blasting the audience with mega-whomps. He seems to have carved out a great niche for himself, making accessible music in a genre that many think is reserved for people rolling their faces off in the face of unrelenting strobe lights. I am not one of those people, so I'm a huge fan of MiMOSA's vibes. MiMOSA started his set off by settling into a chilled-out groove before hitting some huge peaks, and bringing it back down for some serious grooves. As you can tell by my blogging, I'm a serious hip-hopper, and MiMOSA is one of the only DJs I've seen to actually mix hip-hop and dubstep, and actually make it sound good. Throughout my time in Colorado, I've seen so many people try this and fail. Overall, MiMOSA's set was a great warm-up, as it ended only around 9 pm. It was the perfect mix of build-ups, huge crescendos, and bass heavy grooves. If you aren't familiar with MiMOSA, follow him on Twitter and check out his latest release, the 58 Degrees EP below: [soundcloud url="" height="200"]

Photo Credit: Ryan Dearth

Next up was electronic jam band Lotus. Throughout the evening, I heard a lot of mixed feelings about Lotus being a part of this bass heavy show. Lotus is definitely not on the dub side of things at all, being a band with actual instruments, and they play more upbeat, spacey electronic music. Whatever, I'm not a big fan of the people tripping balls who dance into me at shows, so I don't put a lot of stake into their opinions. I had seen Lotus a bunch of times over the years, and I always enjoy myself. They are a band that has actually climbed the ranks recently, moving from small clubs and early slots at festivals, to becoming regular headliners. Technically, they were the co-headliners for this night, embarking on a 90 minute set of awesome, euphoric jams. Lotus now plays as a four-piece, with percussionist Chuck Morris taking a sabatical from the band, and the result is a tighter sound. Throughout their set at Red Rocks, the band seemed absolutely locked in for a smooth dance party. Like the New Deal, Lotus doesn't noodle when they jam. They keep the groove tight and engaging, no matter where they end up taking a song. The highlight of the show was in the middle of their classic song "Umbilical Moonrise," fireworks starting going off in the distance. I can't prove that they were affiliated with the actual show, but they were an awesome addition to the band's euphoric sound. Overall, Lotus got the audience moving and grooving, and played a hell of a show. These guys have been working hard for years, and their success is definitely paying off. Congratulations to them. Check out this short clip to experience some of the awesomeness of Lotus's set: Follow Lotus on Facebook, check out their CDs on iTunes, and think about downloading this show off

Photo Credit: Ryan Dearth

After a 3o minute intermission was the last act of the night, the Glitch Mob. They came out with a huge light show, capped off by the weird, angular lights on top of each member's DJ booth. The Glitch Mob wasn't really about fat dubstep whomps or wobbles. Their music was just massive, primal beats. Lots of huge drums and bass to create simplistic beats that just got your body rockin'. Their music was a great climax for the night, with the Glitch Mob's music being a mix of all of the acts that came before them. They mixed in some hip-hop beats, some fat bass, and some dance-y synths, all to create music that no one else can touch. Some people told me that the group spearheads a new genre entirely, glitch-hop. Throughout their 90 minute set, the Glitch Mob members brought out and banged on all sorts of toys, sample pads, and other electronic tools, to create an awesome mix of improvisation within their DJ grooves. Highlights of the set included their new single "Warrior Concerto" off their upcoming EP We Can Make the World Stop, the hip-hop friendly “West Coast Rocks,” and their massive cover of 7 Nation Army to close the show. Check out some tracks from the group: [soundcloud url=""] Glitch Mob - Warrior Concerto [soundcloud url=""] Glitch Mob - Drive it Like You Stole It Adding to the Glitch Mob's theatrics, in the middle of the set, acrobats came down from the stage and twirled around in the air on those bed-sheet things a-la cirque de soleil. The Glitch Mob closed to the night in true fashion, by bringing the house down.

Photo Credit: Julianne Kueffer

My first concert was absolutely massive and for anyone that likes concerts, everyone was right. Go to Red Rocks! I can't stress that enough. All of these acts absolutely killed it, and if you have a chance to see any of these guys live, do it. You'll thank me later.

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