Chip Tha Ripper: From Me, To You – The Prelude to Gift Raps

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Chip Tha Ripper dropped a six-track original song bundle to download as a preview to hold off fans until Gift Raps. These are all new songs and after listening to it, I think it's real laid back and has some good beats to it.

Cleveland rappers, Chip Tha Ripper and Kid Cudi, have plans to form a group, "The Almighty Glory Us" as they have a mutual appreciation for each other's work and want to collaborate more together. Here's more on that and what to expect from Chip Tha Ripper's Gift Raps album, via HipHopDX.

Check out our End of Summer '10 mix which features Chip Tha Ripper's "Feel Good", my favorite song by him.

Below is the download link to Chip's 6-track EP/mixtape. My favorite song on it is "No Worries" because the of the interesting beat and relax flow by Chip.

Download: Chip Tha Ripper - From Me, To You - The Prelude to Gift Raps / Alternate Link

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