Chiddy Bang NEWS + “The F*ck You Remix”

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Chiddy Bang Album Pushed Back to 2011, Mini Album in October mp3
First, Chiddy bang's debut album, The Swelly Life, has officially been pushed back to early 2011. To hold fans over, the 19-year-old duo will be releasing an eight-track "mini-album" on October 12, titled The Preview (cover art above, tracklisting below). It will give listeners a glimpse of what's to come on The Swelly Life, according to Xaphoon Jones.

In other news, NEW CHIDDY BANG SONG! Xaphoon Jones remixes Cee-Lo Green's recent hit single, "F*ck You". The track is fire with the Xaphoon remix, Chiddy killing it on the track, plus Cee-Lo's awesome chorus make it a MUST DOWNLOAD track.  Chiddy Bang vs. Cee-Lo - "'Fuck You" Remix by Some Kind of Awesome 

While it's a small let down we wont get a hold of their debut album in 2010, The Preview looks so promising as they are releasing five new songs including three of their top hits. 

Below is the tracklisting to The Preview, check our site soon for some Chiddy Bang videos.
01. The Good Life (co-produced by Pharrell)
02. Truth
03. Opposite Of Adults
04. Here We Go (Feat. Q-Tip)
05. All Things Go
06. Nothing On We
07. Bad Boy (Feat. Darwin Deez)
08. Old Ways
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