Cemeteries to release LP just in time for Halloween

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Mr. Kyle J. Reigle otherwise known as Cemeteries will soon be on the same level as Youth Lagoon and other artists like How to Dress Well and Neon Indian as he has joined Lefse Records and will be releasing his new album The Wilderness on October 23.

Cemeteries is goth-pop minus black eyeliner and capes. Reigle looked to vintage horror films for tenderness for inspiration. The Wilderness is a dancing death knell of arresting funereal organs and chilling synths.
Cemeteries is the somewhat depressing yet mildly hopeful ambiance playing over the radio while driving through the woods. It is a comfort. A whisper. A chill. Recorded in six months in the spare room of Reigle’s apartment, The Wilderness seeks comfort in the unknown of the woods after determining the evil once kept there has followed us to the city. Cemeteries explores a curiosity in darkness that poses the question, “what if it’s safer out there among the owls and coyotes?”   Check him out: [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/59693413" iframe="true" /]

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