"Caveman" by The Dean's List (featuring Dani Ummel)

Short link https://tfn.tw/92f/
[youtube m3jKAHqVsfk] As promised, The Dean's List just dropped a new single called "Caveman" (featuring Dani Ummel). They continue to impress with each new track they release and they are only getting better. They continue to show how versatile they really are, especially after this new song and Dani does an amazing job as usual in chorus. This hip-hop group from Boston have been quite busy this past month; releasing their second mixtape, The Drive-in late last month, a music  video to their hit single "La Vie" and a song about Charlie Sheen and his "bi-winningness". This group will be quite successful in no time. Enjoy! Download: The Dean's List - "Caveman" (featuring Dani Ummel)

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