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Above is a video of SB, the MC of the new indie-rock/rap group Rocky Business talking about the new group and how "Rocky Business sounds like music that teenagers will play in 3010" and that "Rocky Business is so anti the establishment."

Read more to see our Q&A; with Jonny on the Rocks from Rocky Business:
How did Rocky and MC Strictly Business meet and come up with the idea of joining forces to create Rocky Business?

Jonny on the Rocks: Working as an engineer in NYC, I recorded at least 200 rappers and SB randomly ended up working there. We communicated that we were both looking to do something new and it was obvious that the scene needed something that was more authentic and energized.

We combined our projects and now we've added Cudoz on bass and Rex on drums.

What are some musicians that has influenced the sound of Rocky Business?

Jonny: The best of the best, Biggie, Nirvana, Outkast, Pavement, etc... We listen to a lot of dance music at parties and it's always an influence. Our tastes are indiscriminate beyond pop music as well African music or Contemporary Classical are influences by default.

Introducing new members and their influences has been a chance to expand our sound.

What style of music and/or genre is Rocky Business?

Jonny: Our music is independent by nature and we fit into those circles, but the whole nature of what we're doing is fusing "different" genres together. Hip Hop and rock like you've never heard it.

Who are some artists who you have performed with? Collaborated with? Artists your collaborating with in the future?

Jonny: We've been active in the NYC scene and with our collective Radical Outing, have performed alongside the best in our scene like Hoodie Allen & Ninja Sonik. We played with Wiz Khalifa, Redman and more at SXSW this year.

Recently adding Cudoz and Rex in our band has been a fruitful experience so far and we're looking forward to their collaboration going forward.

What can we expect from Rocky Business in the future?

Jonny: We will be releasing our Debut EP "A Rebel's Roar" on Babygrande / Frank Radio this fall. With the EP, we will be releasing a collection of 4 videos in a short film format directed by Tone & Biz ( These videos have been a huge project for us and we're anticipating a positive response from our fans and turning some new heads.

Since we are based in Los Angeles and Tuscon, AZ, any plans to perform in SoCal or Arizona?

Jonny: We're planing to fully tour North America and Europe, so stay tuned because we're gonna be coming to you soon. Connect us with like-minded artists in your area so we can make this network global.

Anything else you would like to mention that I didn't ask?

Jonny: Stay tuned for our EP; it's 7 songs that are the best from our vaults. Add us on Twitter @rockybusiness so you can keep updated on everything we're doing cause it's all happening now and it's changing the world.

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