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The hip-hop group Prolific started back in 1997 and consists of four MC's: Flamez, Neme, Zin O.D. and Exile the Experience. They all met while living in Orlando, Florida and through the years this dynamic quartet has released a series of mixtapes and singles.

In late August they are dropping a new mixtape with DJ Rok, Now or Never. The song above, "The Real" and "Getting Down" are two songs Prolific has exclusively provided BTB which will be off hte upcoming DJ Rok tape. Prolific also has an EP they are working on called The Movement that features "Spell on You" featuring Nina Simone and "Situations".

I really think if you respect and enjoy old school hip-hop and if you are like this blog in that you like discovering new music talent, then you will enjoy Prolific.  Prolific - Getting Down by BeforeTheBigsZach  Prolific - Spell On You (feat. Nina Simone) by BeforeTheBigsZach  Prolific-situations (dirty) (mastered) by neme_pro

If you like Prolific, then check out their website and myspace page. Enjoy!

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