Best You Never Heard 7: Summer Underdogs

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Today we are excited to present Best You Never Heard Volume 7: Summer Underdogs. Shouts to @E_Wish1 on the cover art and the artists for agreeing to have their songs featured on this mix. With our latest edition of Best You Never Heard, we put out songs that have fun feel-good summer vibes from artists we believe should be getting way more attention for their music. Our criteria for selecting these artists is they had to have under 5,000 facebook fans or under 10,000 twitter followers. We continue to help young, upcoming musicians in their efforts to reach mainstream success. Many of the people featured on our previous mixes have gone on to accomplish a lot within the music industry.

Below is our 12-track mix that will surely add to your favorite music list and provide you with new artists to listen to that we consider to be the Best You Never Heard. Enjoy!

Tracklist and previous edition of Best You Never Heard below. 1. Wildcat! Wildcat! - "Mr. Quiche" 2. Yury - "Landing On Stars" 3. Hyena - "Wander" 4. FutureCop! - "The Only Way" (GRVRBBRS remix) 5. Nicky Blitz - "Summer Sinner" 6. Purdue Avenue - "I Like Music" 7. Avec Sans - "Heartbreak Hi" 8. Farleon - "Millenium" 9. Ghost Beach - "Miracle" 10. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - "My Way" 11. Shav and Mentos - "Carelessly" 12. The Mowgli's - "San Francisco" Previous: Best You Never Heard 6

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