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Below is a 40-track playlist of my favorite songs released in September 2015 on soundcloud. It's an eclectic diverse mix and here's some words on some of the tracks and artists featured. Sydney native DJ and producer, Wave Racer, unveils the second single "World Record" feat. Lido from his forthcoming Flash Drive EP slated for release via Future Classic on October 16th. A super charged collaboration, "World Record" combines Wave Racer's vibrant and digital fantasy production at the fore with Lido's signature polished sound. The beat reminds me of surfing or wake boarding in some digital landscape. The Knocks collaboration with Matthew Koma is an infectious poppy track titled, "I Wish (My Taylor Swift)". It's a fun dance pop track and I absolutely love everything The Knocks do so I had to feature the latest single from them. The first new Breakbot song after a three-year haitus, it's a downtempo disco/chill lounge type track. From Vice's article debuting the song off the upcoming album is this: After a three year hiatus, the French holy spirit of electro-pop is back with a new album, "the perfect soundtrack for a last barbecue around a swimming pool." With the class of vintage funk and a pinch of glamorous French Touch' eroticism, Breakbot has put down a solar note which feels like the beat of a late summer sun ray. "The inspirations of this new album swing between Californian music from the 70s and 80s and disco-funk - from Curtis Mayfield to Prince and Michael Jackson." Groovy right.
From Shapes on Tape's own Adam Kruckenburg: "With 'Right Where We Wanted' we want to send a message of support to people who want to do things a new way, with forethought and compassion.  This song's a joyous opposition to the stewards of bigotry and closed-mindedness.  S on T does not think the future should have to be like the 1950's with smart phones." Shapes on Tapes "Right Where We Wanted" is a slow burning track that builds to a soaring crescendo.  It's got the signature Shapes on Tape mixture of the contemporary with new wave and post-punk sounds.
For fans of Youndblood Hawke, Bear hands, Grouplove, Royal Blood and Red Hot Chili Peppers can get into Spirit Animal. The Brooklyn-based four-piece band released their first single, "Regular World", from their new EP, World War IV, and it's a radio friendly alternative rock anthem that should be on mainstream radio by end of this year. Here's my review of their show at Bootleg Theater.
Death In The Afternoon's people reached out to us with their latest track, "We Don't Have To Go Out Tonight". The band has been compared to indie electro pop bands Young Galaxy, Austra, The Naked And Famous and M83 so I listened to the track because I love 2 of those 4 bands they sound like. It's a slow moving yet dance-able track that is a bit haunting with the vocals but it's got a good groove.
Mind The Gap has a new track that has a disco feel with "All To Myself". Haven't heard from them in forever so refreshing to get a new sound, different type of vibe from this band.
Freedom Fry's "Tropicana" is about taking a trip away from your problems to your happy place. Wherever that may be ... - Bruce & Marie, Freedom Fry. I have to agree it's a laid back 60's/70's smooth pop vibe that's easy to get into. Can't wait to see them perform at Taste of South Lake Festival on Saturday October 10 along with Run River North and The Bird and The Bee.

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