Best of August 2015 on Soundcloud *60 songs to get you through the day (and night)!

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So I decided the best way to put together all the songs I discovered in August 2015 would be to make an epic playlist dedicated to all those songs. Below is the 60-track playlist which ranges in genre and the popularity of the artist. Read below the playlist to hear my thoughts on several of these artists to keep an eye on. Track 2 is from Astronauts, etc. who have this chillwave rock vibe that's easy to get into. Their latest, "Shake It Loose" is a must-listen if you'd like some laid back vibes. I have two RAC tracks in there because I simply love his production. The first one, "Can't Forget You" is a rocking pop track to lost love while "Lost Love" farther down on the playlist is utilizing 8-bit video game sounding production featuring the fantastic vocals of Madi Diaz, whose track "Control" came out last month and is on the playlist. She's going to be a star! Viola Beach is the exact sound I've been loving lately an indie electro pop sound that's easy to dance to or sing along to. I hope these guys make their way to LA to perform for us. "Swings & Waterslides" is their debut song, follow them, you will not regret it! "Shakedown" from Equal was made at Heavy Roc Music (The Knocks) recording studios after a long night of drinking between friends and what resulted was a song about good friends getting loose on a summer night. There was no end product in mind, only to have fun, hang out, and make music together. I love Bo Haan's "Hideaway" cover from Keisza. It's truly mesmerizing and he makes it really chill. I look forward to seeing what originals Bo can make but he's reworked the Keisza track really well here to make it a chill dance vibe. Future Classic found a new duo that kicks ass in Midnight To Monaco. Their latest track "Suicide" is racking up hundreds of thousands of plays on soundcloud and you can hear why above. It's hard to categorize this song into any specific vibe and I hope these boys make it to LA so I can see how they are live. Do you want some friendly pop rap rock vibes? Then listen to Radical Something's "Can't Stop Now". It's just a simple fun track to get you moving. They need to book all ages shows, I can see teenage girls drooling over these boys. Tower released a new song and this group deserves your attention. This bombastic rock track, "Teenage Miracle" is just awesome and will really give hipsters trouble in figuring out how to dance to this. Maybe my favorite song from August is Neon Indian's "Slumlord". It's an incredible release from the alternative chill electronic solo act who I really want to see live now just so I can hear this song. I love the instrumentation, the on and on vocals in the hook are cool, just a slick futuristic song. One of my favorite groups from Australia has totally changed the make-up of their band going from a full band to two guys playing synths and keyboards and singing. Strange Talk's new single "When It Feels So Good" is a dance track that you need to hear. I might have saved the best for last with their newest track, it's a lot of fun to dance and sing to. Other tracks you need to hear above are new tracks from mostly mainstream acts like Macklemore & Ryan LewisAeroplaneThe ColouristMutemathMoon TaxiRobert DeLong, KaskadeJR JR (formerly Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr), Duke Dumont and much more!

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