presents: Best You Never Heard 4 - Summer Dreamin'

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We are proud to present "Best You Never Heard 4: Summer Dreamin'", which features 22 tracks from the best up-and-coming artists that many of you might not have heard of. After three successful Best You Never Heard mixtape's, we decided to continue displaying versatility in the type of songs selected for this mixtape series, with a little bit of everything to fill your ears. Some guidelines we stuck by included choosing artists that, as of today, have less than 10,000 fans on facebook or twitter. We are proud to say many of the songs below cannot be defined by a single genre. The songs below we believe stand out from the other up-and-coming artists out there and display a unique sound that shows their true potential. Below is the 22-track playlist to listen to and links to download Best You Never Heard 4. Download: Best You Never Heard 4 - Summer Dreamin' on HULKSHARE or MEDIAFIRE. Download: Best You Never Heard 4 - Summer Dreamin' on HULKSHARE or MEDIAFIRE. Tracklisting: 1. Tyson - Fight 2. Weapons of Audio - Night Light 3. Bit Funk - Rap Music 4. Too Much Young - Find The One 5. Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Brownjoe Remix) 6. Alli Davis - I Like 2 Play In L.A. (ft. Hot Rod) 7. DJ Bahler - Let Go (Parisian Nightsuit) 8. Jhameel - How Many Lovers 9. Caught A Ghost - Sleeping At Night 10. ANR - Big Problem 11. VanGuard - Morning Light 12. iPhonic - The Afterparty 13. Air Dubai - Soul & Body 14. Guy Harrison - Had It All ft. Hi-Rez 15. Boaz - Do It For Ya 16. Crush Effect - Burn It Down ft. Vokab Kompany 17. Sex Ray Vision - My (Other) Beach House 18. James Egbert - Isle Of Capri (Original Mix) 19. Maka & Waeck ft. Farisha - Breathe (Vexare Remix) 20. Steven Frumess - Summer Gain ft. Danny Badio 21. August Coupe & The Interns - Driving 90 22. Anthem - A Boy's Dream Comment below, tweet @beforebigs or drop us a line on facebook as to which song(s) you like the most. If you like the mix, PLEASE share it with your friends! If you really enjoyed "Best You Never Heard 4", check out Best You Never Heard 3: Spring edition,Best You Never Heard 2: Fall/Winter edition and Best You Never Heard 1: End of Summer edition. Shout out to Studio A-Z Photography for providing the picture and me for creating the cover art.

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