Interview w/DJ Mendoza & Sonny Shotz of The Dean’s List (BtB exclusive)

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[youtube L4nOB_1bLXM] Back on January 3rd, I met up with DJ Mendoza and Sonny Shotz of The Dean's List to talk about their upcoming mixtape, The Drive-in which is set to release later this month. Unfortunately, Mik Beats could not make it to the interview. However, I got a sneak preview of their entire mixtape and I can promise you that they have really taken their music to the next level. The bar is set much higher for any other hip-hop groups looking to break into the music industry. Since I interviewed them, they have released a handful of tracks and music videos from the mixtape and each song they leak is better than the previous one. I really look forward to the release of The Drive-in and if you don't know about The Dean's List now, you certainly will after the mixtape drops. Shout out to our friend Idriss for his fantastic video editing skills. Enjoy! Bonus: Check out the video interview I conducted with the entire group back in September here.

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