b.FUNK - FUNK So Hard *Niggas in Paris rock/hip-hop cover!

Short link https://tfn.tw/9em/
If you clicked on this, your in for a treat! Hip-hop band up-and-comer b.FUNK did a remake to Jay-Z & Kanye West's hit "Niggas in Paris". Here's what b.FUNK had to say about their latest release, "FUNK So Hard":
Jay-Z and Kanye West's hit record "Niggas in Paris" has gone beyond viral. Seems that everyone has a remix to it now. The only thing that hasn't been done to the track is a remake with a band... Wait!?!  Actually that's why your reading this..b.FUNK completely transforms this record!
And to garnish it all off, they put some visual "Phootage" to the record. The visuals were provided by Ol'school Productions. Filmed in Time SquareNYC at the B.B. King Blues Club  during b.FUNK's performance with the legendary A Tribe Called Quest emcee Phife Dawg.
I think this remake to "Niggas in Paris" sounds kind of raw because it doesn't sound like the original besides the melody but it's enjoyable and if you like Jay-Z and/or Kanye West at all, you will really dig this! Watch photo-collage video below.

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