Azad Right - "Stained" (featuring The Bridge)

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What an awesome new track by Azad Right. This kid has really been maturing as an artist. I saw him perform back in June and knew he would continue to grow and develop. This song may be my favorite of his that I've heard so far. His rapping is once again great and The Bridge provides an amazing chorus. To top it all off Jonathan Marquez does an awesome job on the boards to create a great beat, making "Stained" an all around excellent song.

This track is the third and final single of his much anticipated next project The Time is Right which is slated to drop a week from today on September 21st. When Azad sent us this track earlier today he said:

"This is one of the many tracks on the mixtape that I tell a story, but the reason that we're dropping it as the final single is because it's very relevant to where I am currently in my life."

I cannot wait for this new mixtape to drop. It will truly bring him to the next level. Enjoy!

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Download: Azad Right - "Stained" (featuring The Bridge)

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