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With their upbeat electronic rock Anamanaguchi have this perfect video game music sound. Well that's selling it short, as its much better than that! A brief bio:
We are Anamanaguchi. We make hyper-active, hyper-positive 8-bit jams that epicly wail with guitars and drums.
Anamanaguchi considers their music a mix of 8bit, punk and fast power pop: overall it makes for a cool retro video game style Below are two of their recent songs, "My Skateboard Will Go On" is a must-download if you like upbeat electronic/rock music that sounds too good for somebody to lay vocals on. "My Skateboard Will Go On" [soundcloud url=""] "Mess" [soundcloud url=""] "Helix Nebula" [soundcloud url=""] Read more to see the upcoming shows for Anamanaguchi.ANAMANAGUCHI TOUR DATES: Friday, June 17 - Chicago, IL @ Taste of Randolph Street Festival Thursday, July 21 - Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar Friday, July 22 - Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg Follow Anamanaguchi on facebook / twitter

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