An Incredible Weekend at Coachella (Day 1: Friday)

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Having witnessed all the craziness of Coachella this past weekend, I figured I'd share it all with everyone (especially the people who are going next week, you are in for quite a treat). It was impossible to see everyone I wanted to live and the weather was not as good the whole weekend as I would have liked it to be. However, that did not stop me from seeing some great live performances. Starting today and up until Wednesday, I will share with you the performances I saw each day and let you all know what to expect if you are going this coming weekend. I was getting a feel for the whole festival set up and everything on Friday and got my day off to a bit of a late start but I was still able to see some great acts early on. I went to the Sahara Tent (aka the EDM Tent) to see DJ's SebastiAn and Madeon kill it! I did not know much about either performer beforehand but now I am a fan of both. Below are my favorite tracks by them. Enjoy! SebastiAn - "Embody" [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /] Madeon - "Shuriken" [soundcloud url=""] After seeing SebastiAn and before seeing Madeon, I stopped by the Main Stage to see Jimmy Cliff provide some chill vibes to the crowd. It was a change of pace for the moment and he was very enjoyable to watch. Jimmy Cliff - "I Can See Clearly Now": The highlights of Friday night would have to be seeing The Black Keys and Swedish House Mafia dominate the Main Stage to end a rainy and cold night with a bang. I was less than 40 feet from the stage and stood right next to the VIP area where I saw celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Afrojack, Jared Leto, and Paul McCartney enjoying the same music as me. Both The Black Keys and Swedish House Mafia blew my mind on Friday night! I had seen Steve Angello at XS in Las Vegas less than a month earlier, saw Axwell in Scottsdale last year and the whole trio 2 years ago in LA. However, I have never seen them on this big of a stage or so close until this past weekend. It was truly incredible. Check out my favorite tracks from both The Black Keys and Swedish House Mafia below. The Black Keys - "Tighten Up": Swedish House Mafia - "Greyhound": Bonus: My phone was dying towards the end of the night but I was able to get some video footage of part of Swedish House Mafia's Intro. Enjoy!

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