All Out - Room Service (Album)

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Last Friday, a new mixtape by Boston pop duo All Out dropped. It's called Room Service and it's a good one. They still have relatively the same musical style, a 3 OH 3 type sound, but mix it up a little bit in their instrumentals with a few dubstep beats (as everyone else seems to be doing these days). They continue to mature as artists as their vocals and instrumentals improve each time I hear a new track by them. It is only a matter of time before this duo starts touring more out of the New England area and expand their popularity even further. These guys could be pop idols for many teenaged girls. Enjoy! [soundcloud url="" height="200"] Download: All Out - Room Service (Entire Mixtape)   Bonus: Check out the music video to their hit single "We Don't Need Nothin" below:  

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