Album: Keith Masters - Electromajic (The Remixtape) + exclusive DL!

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Yesterday Chicago electro-rapper Keith Masters released his latest project, Electromajic (The Remixtape),   (iTunes). This project is a must-listen as Keith has this futuristic sound that he brings to the hip-hop game. Stream Electromajic below. My favorites are "Rebel", "1988 Girls" and "Gary Busey (Life Good)". Fortunately Keith Masters hooked us up with the radio edit version of "Gary Busey", one of my favorite songs from the album with the hook "We living life good", because aren't we all just trying to live life to the fullest? Here's some more on the Electromajic project and Keith Masters:
In the 70’s there was Disco. In the 80’s there was New Wave. In the 90’s there was Hip-Hop. In 2012, there is Electromajic and Keith Masters is its pioneer. Blasting out of the Chicago scene with his self created genre melting style that blends elements of hip-hop, electro, pop, glitch, dub and disco music, Keith Masters is how you get your party started. With music played at this year's NFL Pro Bowl, tracks with some of Europe’s hottest producers including Digikid84 and Futurecop!, three top - 5 singles on Hype Machine, BBC Radio 1 approval and supporting performances with the Wu-Tang Clan, Foster The People and more, Keith has proven that he is ready to embrace the spotlight

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